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Originally Posted by Epacy View Post
So, because you did ED that means anyone who is buying a 335 will also do ED and receive the same discount? Get real. You really don't know how to compare apples to apples.

Not an accountant. Why?
Do you think someone who can do simple arithmetic must be an accountant?
Nice try. Apples-for-Apples means best price for both. When M3's are available ED with discount or even below MSRP at the delaers, I assure you I will change my analysis. Also, I did not even add back in the tax delta...if I did we'd be looking at at least another $3K OTD.

I asked if you are an accountant because often they look at a set of numbers and interpret them incorrectly. The fall of the US automobile industry is often described as partially the result of short sighted accounting decisions.