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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post
Whatever. There are a ton of M3 owners on the 335i forum.

Apples-for-Apples, the M3 is still $20K more expensive.

The bottom line is this, the M3 got beat by a modded 335i in the only magazine comparo there is. The M3 is slower than a modded 335i in every category. BMW themselves admitted how close they are by welding the 335i differential housing, a tactic used as a desperate last resort. Even the magazines are saying if you want a driver's car, wait for the 135i tii. BMW screwed up with the too little, too late V8 engine. They screwed up with mandatory active steering and lesser flotaing caliper brakes than what is on the 135i (proper 6 pots). They screwed the pooch on this one, and only M fanbois think otherwise.
Hahaha. The M3 has the best V8 engine this side of a Ferrari as numerous reviews have confirmed, it doesnt have active steering and if you think the brakes on the 135 are better than you honestly should stick to the 335 forum. Never ever compare your 335 to anything with an M on it. M is a science, its a complete package. You have a great car but its not an M. I guess thats why it pains and you come on this forum.