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This post is hillarious as support for Slick Willy. I'm not quite sure whether the OP intended it to be facetious or not, but it is what it is.

#88 Feb. 3, 2008 - 2:15 AM EST

Alright, let's get some things straight right now about Mitt Romney. If it weren't for Shmuckabee and a damn dirty trick in Florida, Mitt would be on his way to a well earned nomination right now. Mitt's put more money into this thing than just about anybody in history and he should have won this two states ago. All the big boys support Mitt. It's a rip-off! I've never seen so many unfair lies and tom foolery. You want the truth, here's the truth:

1. Mitt was pro-choice a very long time ago, but he was ALWAYS pro-life personally. Technically, this is not a "flip-flop" because he never really was pro-choice. He never, I repeat never, personally attended an abortion or had one himself.

2. Mitt was never for gay marriage. He was for gay rights. Big difference. This allegation is a flat out slander on Mitt's goobernutorial record. He's always maintained that gays should not get married, even if they're mormons.

3. Mitt never raised taxes as governor. He created and raised fees. Big difference. Lowering taxes is in Mitt's DNA.

4. In Massachussets, Mitt got everybody on health insurance by fining all the "freeloaders" who showed up at the hospital and couldn't pay their medical bill. This has been hailed as a progressive approach to health care because statistics show it reduced sickness in the state.

5. Mitt has hunted. And, while he wasn't really endorsed by the NRA, they did indicate that Mitt wasn't objectionable because the people of the state of Massachussets were in favor of stricter gun laws.

6. Mitt never called for "timetables" for withdrawal from Iraq. Mitt specifically said he would not support any public timetable to withdraw troops from Iraq. That's what he said, it's strong leadership, and it shows that Mitt has the gravitas to take an unpopular position when it's the right thing to do. In the now famous statement, when Mitt talked about "private" timetables it's clear he was talking about benchmarks, not a date for withdrawal. He was talking about the mere possibility of private timetables for benchmarks. LOL Senator McCain cleverly and in Nixonian fashion inserted the word "withdrawal" for "benchmarks." Of course Mitt wouldn't want al quaeda to "lie in the weeds and wait for us to leave" a particular sector of Iraq for another sector of Iraq when a benchmark was met. That's just common sense and good old presidential acumen. This whole thing was a LIE and a damn dirty trick. And, McCain did this two days before the Florida primary. LOL Nice try senator.

7. Mitt was ALWAYS for the surge. Mitt was asked about it when he was still governor and he appropriately said that he couldn't comment. But, he was always for the surge personally.

8. Of all the presidential candidates, only Mitt Romney has the experience and the judgment to run the war. He may not have ever served in the military, but he's very well read on the subject. Mitt's experience as a CEO of a multinational corporation gives him unique credentials to deal in foreign policy. He knows how to do it, AND make money. This is the American way. Plus, let's face it, military men can play the war game but when it comes to running the economy and the rest of the stuff, they just don't have the intellect to multi-task. Lincoln won the CIVIL WAR and he wasn't a soldier. That war was alot bigger than this war. So get off your high horse senator McCain.