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There is a lot of pressure on BMW Canada to be somewhat aggressive on the pricing.A lot of the main competitors have lowered pricing in Canada in the last while(Audi,Lexus,Mercedes) so they would have lots of backlash if they price this car too high.I voted for $73000 for the base and hope that my car (all options) will be around $80000.If it is a lot higher,I will cancel the deal and get myself a new C6 ZO6 which I can buy for about $82000 or a used 911.I like the M3 a lot but I am not prepared to get raped for the privlege of owning one.

On a side note,I just bought a new 2008 BMW K1200S which has had a huge price reduction in the last while.It was aprox $22500 when I first looked at them a couple of years ago and the 2008 list is $16500 with a further $750 reduction from BMW before any dealer discounts.That is great value for the money and that is reason that I think that BMW Canada will be pricing the M3 properly because they do seem to be responding to the market pricing pressures(at least in the Motorrad)