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DCT substantially delayed for sedan

I placed my order for a sedan a couple days ago. Selecting DCT dropped me from delivery in March to "sometime in late June/ early July." I know someone mentioned this earlier, just some more confirmation.

I for one will look at the C63, and I might pull the trigger on it rather than wait. I also will add - have you seen the jaguar XF, I think that thing is beautiful, especially when the "R" gets out.

Off topic I know, but.. I have a 335, which is amazing. Dinan will be coming out with a stage II chip that will deliver "440" hp per my dealer. That will make the 335 insane, because stock it is super.

For what it is worth:
E90 M3
Silverstone II
Fox Red, anthracite wood
Tech package (hate i-drive and hump, but plan on getting to the track)
18" wheels
Premium package
Moonroof (honestly a little pissed that this is an "option" at this price)
Premium sound, HD radio, Ipod
I will add aftermarket window tint and paint protection at delivery