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Originally Posted by ChrisFastM3 View Post
Everything I can think of that the fully loaded 92 M3 has over the fully loaded 335
(please update this list & put the price next to it to upgrade aftermarket)

NA high revving V8 ($2000 Proceed chip for equivalent speeds)
Brakes that rival the gt3 rs ($5500-6000 installed)
LSD ($3000-4500) note, the diff on the 335 is now welded on
Sport seats (easily $5000+ for the same caliber installed)
Stiffer chassis (good question, anyone?)
Sport suspension ($1500 installed)
Performance steering wheel (no idea, anyone?)
High flow exhaust ($1600 installed)
High Performance Clutch & Flywheel (3000 installed)
CF roof (about $1600 installed)
DKG transmission (not yet, maybe not ever)
19" wheels cost much less ($3100 premium)
Built differently from the ground up (???)
Warranty (335 doesn't have one after all the mods. Price anyone?)
///M badge (priceless) sorry, had to do it
, whatever