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Originally Posted by Yonkers View Post
I'm going through BMW North, which as I understand it is owned by the same corporation. Doesn't necessarily mean it's run the same I guess.
I understand I've only been on the list a short time. And they told me there are 22 people ahead of me. I don't want to be unreasonable about it. But when they ran my order through the system it shows a Requested Production Date of Week 10. Who is making this request? The dealer or is it automatic in the system? Why would they request a date so early in the cycle if they have no allocation yet and if there are 22 people ahead of me? The general sales manager estimated late April/early May but considering we're about to start week 6 of the year and I don't even have a production #, I don't feel too good about it.
I just talked to my CA and I'm a little peeved. He's either yanking my chain or he's just an idiot. He told me they checked in the ordering system and that no one has their production # yet. I told them I'm not saying HIS dealership has people with production #s, but I know for sure there are plenty of people that do (on this board for example). I told him I was concerned that my paperwork shows a request for production week 10 and that it's now already close to week 6 and I haven't heard anything. He told me not to worry since it doesn't take long to actually build it after you get the production #.
Anyway, I'll give it another week and see what happens.