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Originally Posted by ghosey115
They are just horrible cars, I can't find anything to like about the cars or the company, much less their cheating formula one team (who get away with murder becuase they have the FIA wrapped around their little finger).

And don't start me on the business whereby they lowered themselves further than they had previously managed by 'racing' at the US GP last year, after single-handedly causing the problem there in the first place by refusing to allow modifications to the track. Simply because they had not a hope in hell of winning much less scoring any points, they acted like petulent children and refused modifications to the track which would have allowed the 14 Michelin shod cars to race as well.

(Its of note that real racing drivers like Kimi Raikkonen and David Coulthard were heard prior to the race on the car-to-pit radios begging to race despite the dangers to themselves in doing so) meanwhile Schumacher and his teammate cruised around Indy for an hour or so (having various items thrown at them by the fans) before celebrating a hollow victory over two slowest teams on the grid that year. Rediculous.

They were being been beaten senseless by McLaren Mercedes for two and a half years in 98/99/early2000, who at the time were using a new exotic alloy in their engines. They tried for years to figure out how to do it themselves, failed and couldn't hack it. They complained that it was unfair because they couldn't use the same hi-tech materials as McLaren. Thereafter Iridium Beryllium was banned, Mclaren slumped with engine failures in the last few races of the 2000 season and surprise surprise Ferrari lifted the championship. Why didn't such a 'prestigious' company with such 'racing heritage' knuckle down and beat their competitors fair and square?

The list goes on and on, I shan't bore you.

To be fair some of the old ferraris are lovely and are realy great cars. They did have racing heritage, they had great drivers like Gilles Villeneuve, who actually battled with their rival's McLarens and Lotus'. But now Ferrari to me is synonymous with cheating, cheapness, low morals, and an undeserved reputation of being great. Luckily that reputation is held mainlt by flashy and hollow people wih no taste such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.
That Michelin tire scandal really got to you, huh?

My favorite Ferrari is the F50, although I still wouldn't mind having a manual 360 in my garage.