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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post
Ahh, the voice of experience, good post and thanks!
Now wait and watch the Nissan, Honda and older Porsche owners who disagree with the one person in here that owns them both. Bottom line is there are people that want to go fast and people that like to know their car is fast by what others are telling them. ( these are called posers ) For me I like to go fast every single day that i push that start button. Now from what ive noticed here is that alot of you m3 drivers seem to live in the middle of road courses with all the talk of lap times you talk about . I wish i were as lucky as you all, cuz i know its not like any of you to talk about something u know nothing about....i.e. a car noone in this country owns yet. But what we do know is that your m3 gets spanked by a 335i in the only video thats been filmed. Also im sure you have all seen the video of walked u losing by a fender to an m5. A 335 is a quarter mile monster in the way your m3 will never be, and our 335i may never be the track. Im just thankful I dont live in the infield of laguna seca like you m3 owners do.