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Originally Posted by monsta View Post
spoke with my CA today regarding some changes in my order, bugged him about not drilling my front bumper (loss the battle its going to get drilled) and to ask about Performance center delivery...

Hey Lucid have you thought about getting PC delivery? since we got our production #'s on the same day maybe we'll be lucky and our cars will be done at sametime, I'm just thinking it would be great if a couple of us would get delivery together and drive back up north together also...make a road trip out of it (plus it'll help w/ break in) I singled you out since I'm in the NY metro majority of our drive would be together...would be cool, just having thoughts...I keep checking the OC every couple of hours since my CA said he was going to update it today...
Yeah, that would be fun. Work schedule can get in the way though. I'd have to know the exact date of delivery before making such a decision. And if I understand it correctly, they can't give you a delivery date without you having opted for PDC?