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Originally Posted by FirstClass View Post
Because civilians are accidentally killed while fighting terrorists and insurgents it's our fault? Hell, most of them aren't even killed accidentally by our forces but rather purposefully by the people we're fighting.

Thats what the FOX tells you and of course you believe them since you never left your little town in your life. How come our troops are not accidentally hit by the bombs? How come News crews are not??? How come over 100k accidents???
And just by being accidental, you justify that?
Was the aggression and distruction of the sovereign country accidental?
Was the misconduct that we don't hear about any more (Marines executing civilians and so on) accidental?

All of the above constitute war crimes and the commander in chief is FULLY responsible for every and each of them just like we held other leaders responsible for their actions then we either "took care" of them or let them die quickly...(before more of the truth came out)