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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Autocar tested both the RS4 and M3. The big surprise was that both cars were so evenly matched, right up to 150mph the only thing that separated them was 0.3s. So even with identical power, more weight and quattro the RS4 was only 0.3s slower to 150mph.

What does that tell you about your opinion that quattro eats power?

If Audi are considering a RS6+ then the chances are they are safe guarding the fact that BMW will be upping the power of the M5, it's as simple as that.

I hope for your sake that the M5 is quicker because if not you WILL get some bashing from me, that's for sure.
I would love to see another review get Autocar's number for the RS4. No one on this planet believes the RS4 is anywhere near as fast as the M3 beyond 100 meters.

Do you want videos from the airfield again?

The RS6 has already been tested and has been beat by a 2 year old car.
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