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Originally Posted by TheShuke View Post
hey man...sorry to tell you this, but the m3 was on cup + tires...the vette was on run flats. those cup tires are prob worth a good 10-12 seconds over the run flats. on the same tires, the m3 would be slower.
had the m3 been on ps2s it would run 8:10-8:12, it it were on run flats like the vetter, prob closer to 8:20.
so apples to apples, the vette is faster.
the mans got a point, he knows his facts.

I'm not a big fan of the run flats, a lot of people refer to them as run craps, but hey I don't have a spare, so I'll live with them.

I'm not disputing the M3 is not a great performing vehicle, it is, If I had to take more than myself and 1 person around I'd get the M3, loved my 02 M3 and my 04 330ci, but I just wanted something that was capable of 11's with just bolt ons and 600 rwh, with a supercharger, and that was reliable with that much HP and trust me that rush of torque and HP in a 3100lb vehicle is great.

fact remain guys, a 08 C6 Z51 is faster than a M3 in a striaght line and on the track.