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Originally Posted by gorun View Post
So what tyres is the M3 in my first post wearing cause its seems to whip the vette pretty badly?
I think your refering to the base C6,

you have to compare the C6 with the factory Z51 handling package, it's only fair. Yes the M3 does have a better track time than the base C6, but since the M3 is the high performance variant of the 3 series it's only fair you compare the C6 with the optional Z51 package.

here are times

but remember the car has evolved from 2005, comparing the 08 M3 to a 05 C6 is not fair, compare a 08 C6 to a 08 M3, but even then a 05 c6 Z51 does post better times than the 08 M3.

remember when the Ferrari 360 Modena was the bomb, it still is, but now a RS4 or M3 or C6 will beat it performance wise.