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Originally Posted by poldim
You whinning about how worthless you think she is doesnt do anything. Nor does your whinning about how some get everything handed to them.

I'm happy to have my car at my age and know I've worked hard for it. I all know a good number of Tri Delt girls that are driving late model 3's, for which they normally pay 0% of the car.

Its a fact of life that you have to deal with people that have bigger and better things than you. Just try not to waste your own life whinning about it.
I’m not, I was just comparing my personal feelings regarding self-earned rewards and those handed out for free (it does not necessarily apply to PH).

Regarding her status as worthless, as I posted, this based on the opinion of a friend (who’s opinion I value) who personally spent time with PH, and said she was worthless.

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