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Originally Posted by dab33d View Post
hey xceller and jinxter, how long did it take for your car to go from order to in production? My order was put in on Nov 30 and its still on order accoding to OC. Did it take this long for you guys too? I've been trying to contact my dealer regarding this, but i still havent got an answer.. what should i do?
When my status was at 112 I noticed that they had an expected build date already set. Meaning my production slot had to be built by Feb 6th I believe and my guess why is, they already have a ship date set for my vehicle as well. I think it all depends on what production week your production slot is set for then from there you will know approx 3 to 5 weeks for production and shipment. I think once your in 112 status you have no more then 1 months time before you enter production.

My order was also rushed as it was entered with the Dealership owner vehicle for production. It helps when you have a history with the dealer.