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Originally Posted by gorun View Post
Just noticed that you are talking about a modded Vette thats pushing close to 440 bhp and comparing it to a stock M3. The stock Vette (404ps) runs @8.15 on the Ring and the M3 beats that by full 11 seconds. Now thats a lot! The Z51 Vette does 7.59. I believe the DCT car is going to have that (I've ordered one). The CSL is going to be in another league but will cost a leg, the standart m3 already costs an arm over here.

I'll take my chances with a C6 lets just hope the DCT is all that its hyped to be!
Yes your info is correct the 2005 Z51 C6 does do 7:59 on the ring.

I'm sure the DCT, will be a great if as good as predicted, it will be faster than a standard M3, just like how the Audi S-tronic and VW DSG, shift quicker and as a result post quicker 1/4 mile times.

The LS3 is not a modded car, it's the new motor that comes standard in all C6's as of 08, modded C6's with just bolt ons when driven right do high 11's in the qtr with a trap speed in the 120's, and not faster due to traction problems.

we will leave the ring time to the professionals, I'm sure they will come out with times in the future and we will see then.