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Originally Posted by gorun View Post
I am sorry if I've upset you. Its just a review I found on the net. I see that you are a proud owner and getting touchy. The review is German not Polish and I tend to trust the jerries when it comes to cars. I dont know much about the vettes and their versions and mods but in the review I have dug up I see really poor slalom and track times on the vette's behalf. Anyway, even if you put all the power in the world in an American Supersports car thats made of plastic and has an interior taken out of a Lada it would never come any closer to being a poised and sorted driving machine that an M3 is.

btw the c&d review of the M3 has some really poor data, maybe they had a lemon test car. I'm sure you've seen the r&t (also AMERICAN) figures for the M3 0-400@12.5. And there is still DCT and CSL to come...

no offense taken, but the thread is exactly what it says, is a C6 faster than a M3? the answer is no
I unlike you didn't put down any makes, I was a former BMW owner and respect all cars for what they are, you apparently don't, as as much as I can talk til I'm blue in the face, I know you'll never admit the C6 is faster but, the fact remains that a 08 C6 LS3 is faster than a M3 in a straight line and on the track right now, things might change in the future, but not right now. You'll see the chrome tail pipes on that plastic car 10 out of 10 times.

I know the review you found was in German I was being sarcastic

I trust the reviews of the of R&T and C&D, very reliable sources.

just for your information, don't race a C6 on the track for pinks, that would not be very smart on your part. cheers old bloke