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Well Im a founder of this place. The real reason for this board is to chat about the E90 and to augment the site where I can document my experience with the upcoming E90, share info and pics and anything learned along the way. Alot of times people would post great DIY procedures and little info about the car, and i'd like to compile all that onto one webpage. The M-coupe guys do it on and i'd like to create a similar community here.

When the E46 first came out I was on the boards and I learned alot about the car, did some modifications and shared everything I could with other enthusiasts. That was a ton of fun. Alot of marketers and salespeople have infiltrated the big forums now and so things are a little twisted now (ie. one forum favors one type of supercharger or car light bulbs because they are sponsored by that company, etc etc). I've always hated that.

So anyways, with this E90 I figured i'd start my own site to show my mods and anything I learn along the way, and a place anyone else who wants to can share their own information for other enthusiasts.

Id rather keep this place as a smaller tight knit community for enthusasts to come and talk without worrying about any BS.

So thats pretty much what i'm all about, if anyone recognises my name from or the old old old might know what i'm all about. Here, pretty much anything goes, say and do what you like. have fun

and wheres my e90 m3 already ! :rocks: