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Originally Posted by OC kid View Post
Not really...and I don't think you speak "the truth" here.

While the apples-to-apples dampening comparison of the "stiffest" settings of a A/M coilover on a 335 vs. the "stiffest" setting on the M3 EDC may be splitting hairs, as far as the functionality is concerned, A/M coilovers can not match the combined benefits of having an adaptive setting; i-drive integrated & available to the driver under warranty. This superior "technical" aspect, as you call it, in my mind wins over the rewards that A/M coilovers can offer overall on a standard vehicle.
OK, but imho having no i-drive is a benefit, I have no use for other than 2 suspension settings, road and track, which coilovers do provide, and they are also warrantied for life. With either the M3 or 335i, you are still going to have to add camber plates and possibly other items (sway bar?) to correct the factory built-in understeer for optimum track performance.