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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post
Truth hurts, huh?

Technically, EDC is superior, functionally I have not seen any proof, and in fact have seen a load of evidence that it is not any better than a set of track oriented coilovers.
Not really...and I don't think you speak "the truth" here.

While the apples-to-apples dampening comparison of the "stiffest" settings of a A/M coilover on a 335 vs. the "stiffest" setting on the M3 EDC may be splitting hairs, as far as the functionality is concerned, A/M coilovers can not match the combined benefits of having an adaptive setting; i-drive integrated & available to the driver under warranty. This superior "technical" aspect, as you call it, in my mind wins over the rewards that A/M coilovers can offer overall on a standard vehicle.

Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post

Funny how I summed up this whole conversation earlier and had a whole bandwagon of naysayers...
When it comes to the (heated) exchanges regarding the opinions of some of these technicalities, there is really no reason for some of the attitude that comes with the arguments. It makes it real easy for people to get ad hominem with you...

There is a big difference in the way you present your points of view and let's say for example... swamp.

P.S. One thing we can both agree on is that the 335 is a great car for the money and super-fun to mod, no doubt.
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