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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post

Jerkiness in everyday driving, while improved over SMG, is still there. So you just took delivery of your $65K pride and joy, take a non-enthusiast for a ride, and the biggest impression is how jerky the car is around town. This is why I said for an everyday dual-purpose car, I'm not convinced MCT with 2 clutches is better than the new ZF's with 5 clutches.

Funny how I summed up this whole conversation earlier and had a whole bandwagon of naysayers...
It's not jerky, at least the DSG system in a Golf GTi isn't. It's all down to your opinion of what is jerky and what is not, it doesn't slur from one gear into another in the same way as an auto will but it is totally acceptable on anything other than a top of the line 80K+ luxury car which main concern is the pamper it's passengers in the utmost of smoothness.

Plus at the minute the technology is still new and because of this it costs much more to manufacture than a similar automatic, it's to old numbers thing. In the long run it will take over the role of the automatic or something else will replace the both of them, such is progress.