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Originally Posted by footie View Post
As for why develop both systems, well that's simple because while DSG is very good at performing like an auto it isn't AS good as the real thing and because of this I believe at the minute we won't see it fulfilling the role any further than in sporty car applications. So no luxury cars like the Bentley or Rolls Royce just yet.

Jerkiness in everyday driving, while improved over SMG, is still there. So you just took delivery of your $65K pride and joy, take a non-enthusiast for a ride, and the biggest impression is how jerky the car is around town. This is why I said for an everyday dual-purpose car, I'm not convinced MCT with 2 clutches is better than the new ZF's with 5 clutches.

Funny how I summed up this whole conversation earlier and had a whole bandwagon of naysayers...