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Originally Posted by NavNurs View Post
seem to hold so much power? What is it about blowing someone away at a stoplight which simply says, I win?

We see thread after thread about 0-60 times, which car has an advantage and why. In an elemental form, why do we get such a kick out of this?

I confess, it would make me smile to spank a 911S. Not on the track, but on the street outside my house. Also a C6, RS4, SL55, .........

Additionally, I have enjoyed the hell out of my S2000. As everyone knows, this is clearly not a car for the 1/4 mile track. Where it excells is the rush of the Vtec and the feel of speed. This is amazing and so addicting. While the M will be absurdly fast in comparison, my fear is the seemingly endless though constant power/torque delivery may not be as.....exciting? Is it possible the M will not feel as fast as the specs show?
In real world driving, I don't think that the M will be spanking a 911S. These cars are very close in performance. And, "spanking" to me is at least two car lengths in a 100 mph sprint.

As the speeds increase over 125 +/- mph, I do think that the M will pull away some.