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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post
I don't know why ZF would develop, and manufacturers would spec, both the new autos and DCT in high HP, performance cars if 1 was always superior to the other. I also don't know why Audi would spec the ZF 6 speed for its R8 V12 TDI concept if the DSG was always better. And for that matter the new RS6 speced with the ZF. Ditto the new CTS-V which used to be manual only. I also don't know ultimately if autos developed into manuals will be less than manuals developed in autos.

I do know that shift times can be measured differently. The GT-R's DCT is claiming R mode shift times of 200 ms, which caused an outcry on GT-R forums and threads of 'Why so slow in comparison to others?" until it was discovered that the shift times are measured differently, and really the GT-R uses an updated B-W core the same as other DCT's such as Audi's DSG.

I'm not sorry that I keep an open mind on these things.
I would like to explain why Audi chose not to fit the R8v12TDI with a DSG, is quite simple really, it can't take the torque levels (738ft/lbs) and the only gearbox available at the time was the ZF 6sp manual (before you say it, the Veyron gearbox cost 160K, it's a bit expensive don't you think). As for the RS6 well again the DSG box soon to be seen in the A4 and all models after this also can't take the torque levels (this includes the M-DCT) and the ZF 6sp auto can it's as simple as that. Also the RS6 is using the old quattro technology with the front diff mounted behind the gearbox so why develop a DSG box for a car which is to be discontinued in a couple of years or so.

You are right that the GTR is quoting slower shift times than Audi do but then again Audi also say that their box can take 200ms to change gear but this occurs only when you choose a gear out of sequence like say going up the gearbox from 1st to 2nd then 3rd but instead of choosing 4th you pick 2nd, the gearbox has chosen 4th and has to change it for 2nd gear which can take 200ms, do you follow me. The difference between Audi and Nissan is the Japanese are quoting it's worst time and not it's best.