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Originally Posted by 320what View Post
Still, i wanna see an M3 4 door in a nice blue color, like LeMans. I believe that will set it off really nice, just like with Avus Blue E36...
M3 gets interlagos just like the M5. It looks great in pics, at least on the coupe. Haven't seen any IB E90 M3 pics yet, except for pre-prod shots. I am anxious though as that's the color I plan to get.

Originally Posted by neo871 View Post
are the m3 e90 side skirts the same as on the M kit or even sharper?
More aggressive, but I don't know if they'd fit a 3 series correctly due to the flared fenders on the M3. They might stick out too far. But it depends on whether the flares taper off before reaching the side skirt area.

Originally Posted by wj4 View Post
I wonder if BMW will offer say, red interior on the E90 M3. I know we don't get it for regular E90s, but the M may have special privileges.
E90 M3 gets the same interior colors as the E92, including Fox Red. Its much darker than Coral Red, and has some orange and brown tones to it. Check the forum, there are lots of pics.
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