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Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
I know given the same driver, the C6 would outrun me. But having said that, I kept right on a C6's tail at the track until we hit the straight. As soon as we hit the corners again, I caught up. This was in my mostly stock 325ci... I'm anxious to see how much quicker the M3 is on the track.
I remember one episode of Top Gear when they got a driver to cut 25 seconds off his lap time with coaching.

Does a driver make a difference? yes

but in the topic M3 faster than a C6? the answer is no
it not what the driver can do but what the car is capable of:
1. E92 M3 8:05
2. 2005 C6 7:59
3. 911 turbo 7:56

yet in this comparo the C6 is faster,
cars are always making small minor tweaks, I'm sure the later M3 models will be faster also.

but in this comparo it was a 07 C6 not an 08 which has
1. more HP
2. better steering (C&D advised the new steering allows the new C6 to enter corners as much as 4-5 mph faster)
3. better tranny