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Originally Posted by ChitownM3 View Post
An order was wasted, end of story. I don't see any premature accusations, you ordered a car, and you aren't going to buy it. How is this not WASTING an order?
If you feel that an order was wasted, that's fine but don't cry about it to me. Don't pretend you're interested in the car when all you were doing is being sneaky in trying to find out if we have the same dealer. I can do nothing for you. Bringing up your disdain for what my dealer has done and will be doing to remedy the situation has accomplished nothing in this thread. My original post had nothing but sincere intention to help someone else get an M3 sooner. Upon revealing your motives and I quote: "you've just wasted an order", you did nothing but directly accuse me as being the one entirely at fault ignoring the fact that 1) my dealer insisted I spec the car regardless, and 2) my dealer assured me that an MDKG tranny will not be available until next year at the earliest. Even if you were behind me on the same dealer wait list, complaining to me here will not change your position in line. Complaining to the dealer might, but that's up to you but it certainly won't change mine.

Fortunately, it looks like someone that I referred from the local Audi club has just contacted my dealer and there is a strong possibility they will take delivery of the original car I ordered. Since I know the potential buyer, I'm glad my own sales person is not losing a sale and the that my spec'd order will not be sitting on the floor as demo for a while, and as you refer to it, my order will not be "wasted". Hell, I might even ask for a ride when he takes delivery. Considering your demeanor regarding the situation, if you really happen to be with the same dealer, I'm now glad I could help "waste" your order.