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Originally Posted by ChitownM3 View Post
Actually thats the exact reason I was wondering, cause I dont want white with red interior and I'd be pretty damn pissed if you were number 1 at my dealer and now you've just wasted an order.
Geez! Now you're accusing me of wasting an order? You're a fvcking jack-asz for saying that without even having a clue of what's going on! I just posted here to see if I can possibly help a local forum member who is way down on the list get an M3 sooner and here you are jumping into conclusions and telling me that I wasted an order. You can be pissed all you want but it was my dealer who made the mistake of telling me I should spec my M3 out ASAP before it goes into status 150 even though I had already told them that I'd rather wait the extra couple of months for the M-DKG. My dealer convinced me to spec the first allocation and assured me that the M-DKG will not arrive until next year as 2009 model and if I still wanted one then I'd be the first person that can order it. As we now all know, that is wrong because the M-DKG will be available as of March production. I didn't waste an order, but due to misinformation regarding the availability of the M-DKG that they had given me a month ago, they are now making up for it by promising me the next allocation where an M-DKG can be specified. On top of that, I have bought many cars from them including an M5 and this is the courtesy they extend to me as a valued customer. And If you happen to be on the same list behind me, tough luck. But don't blame me. If you want to be pissed at the dealer, go elsewhere. I'm sure they won't have any problem selling the other M3's that will be allocated to them and they'll be crying that they lost someone on their already long M3 wait list.