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Originally Posted by Epacy View Post
Greg, I am really surprised at you for all this.
I guess I will spoonfeed you the required info.
I just proved to you why I would be looking for a special battery and you still won't relent.
Epacy, I'll give you the "special" battery point. It's a little larger and can handle more charge cycles. What I don't know yet that you grasp, is that is not because of some "regenerative" function of the car.

One more shot at this, then I'm going to bed. In most every car, the alternator spins happily away producing power all the time and keeping the battery topped off. What BMW is doing now is only engaging the alternator when the propulsion power required of the engine is low. Is this somehow newfound energy? No. Every car produces electrical power under these conditions. The efficient part is that an alternator load is not added to the propulsive load. So, the alternator is only making power part of the time, requiring a larger battery that can carry the car theough the periods when power isn't being generated and stand more frequent off/on charging. Is this efficient? YES. Is this regeneration? Absolutely NOT. I wonder if you are cruising for hours on a level freeway if the alternator eventually cuts in--seems like it would have to.

I understand now your battery fixation. I don't understand BMW's stretching the facts.

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