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Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
Because BMW is misusing the term brake energy regeneration. Why would you think a special battery is required if the alternator is just cutting out part of the time?
Greg, I am really surprised at you for all this.
I guess I will spoonfeed you the required info.
I just proved to you why I would be looking for a special battery and you still won't relent.

Another feature on the car, will be a high-capacity glass mat battery, which enables rapid re-charging during braking.

With the number of charge cycles increasing thanks to these specific control functions, BMW combines Intelligent Alternator Control with AGM (absorbant glass mat) batteries able to handle a higher load than conventional lead/acid batteries.

To maximise the service life of the battery and set off the higher flow of energy, BMWs system of intelligent energy management operating in conjunction with new AGM battery technology introduces so-called regeneration cycles.
This means that higher voltage pulses are delivered to the battery after a certain charging and discharging phase in order to provide appropriate phases of regeneration.

From what I have read, it looks like the 1-series also get BER. So if they have the same battery and it is larger than normal, then that is one clue that the models might come with BER.