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I love squats and deadlifts
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Originally Posted by Eazyrock View Post
I hit the gym 5 days a week. Usually around 45 min to an hour for what ever body part I'm on that day. Stomach for about 15 min. Then run a mile. Weekends rest. So I'm in there around 1.5 hours a day.

Mondays Biceps
Tuesdays Shoulders
Wednesday Back
Thursday Chest
Friday Triceps

I don't do much for my legs although I am starting to do calf raise between sets.

I met this guy, Ernie Temple a few weeks ago at a company Christmas party. He's a 9th degree black belt in Isshinryu Karate. I'm thinking of taking some of his classes soon.
You should combine some of your workouts and concentrate on doing some big oly lifts like squats or deadlifts. I guarantee you that if you did squats you would be twice as muscular.....squats don't only work your legs but your entire core.

Doing triceps and biceps as single workouts is a bit strange. Why not do Triceps and Chest since most of bench presses, dips etc seem to work both muscles.

Maybe you're just so jacked that you need to devote a whole day to each muscle...

I would highly encourage you to do your legs though. Just think about it are devoting a WHOLE workout day to the bicep which is one tiny muscle compared to your ENTIRE lower half of your body.

Look how tiny the bicep is compared to everything else below your waist line...