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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
1. Very old news, we knew the shift times long ago and I used that figure .1s in my sims.

2. Good marketing by Lexus, much like over zealous BMW marketing. Notice they left out the current state of the art Scuderia box which is faster than the Enzo box (how old is the Enzo now...?).

3. There are claims all over the net (not sur if they are official VW/Audi claims or not but they claim shift times of 8 ms (i.e. .008s). That is really fast. Other reports I have read peg the actual DSG shift time at closer to .03 s (30 ms). That makes it 3 times faster than the Lexus tranny.

4. The Lexus tranny is darn impressive. It seems to have a very low loss (or a slight hp under-rating), very fast shifting and of course the unique 8 speeds.

I did mention the F430 at 0.06. If F1 cars is at 0.05, so 0.03 for the DSG is amazingly fast. Somehow they have it only for 0.2 on that plexiglass.