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Since this has turned into somewhat of a Houston M3 thread, thought I'd give my update (which also involves DCT). I just put down my deposit for a sedan (Advantage Clear Lake) and got my status 047 printout. The M-DCT tranny didn't show up in my dealer's system, but my dealer went ahead and put a note in the directors note section of the order form that I am waiting on a DCT slot to open up. This probably means my order will be sitting there until close to June, but I am told that I'm first in line at that dealer for a sedan with DCT (there are a few 6-speed sedans in front of me). Anyway, for those of you waiting for a sedan with DCT, this may be helpful.

As for my order, I am still trying to decide on a color combo, but my prelim spec is Jet Black/black, premium, 19's, DCT, tech and maybe premium sound. I'm still annoyed about the price tag on prem sound, but I lstened to it in an M6 they had on the lot and think I'd really miss not having it.