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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
I hate Kommy states like all the countries in the former British Commonwealth.

I believe you're living in a fmr BCW state, aka "where we kill baby seals" - so I assume you're being ironic . Australia has outgrown the US in GDP%/year for over 14 years, runs a surplus, has national healthcare (good enough for greater longevity and lower infant mortality rate than the US) and more retirement savings per capita then the US.

And this "Kommy" [sic] state had a conservative government for the last 10+ years [until Howard was unseated]. But interestingly, the elimination of div taxes and estate taxes was enacted under a Labor govt (a "socialist" govt by US standards on many issues) ... food for thought - we still haven't managed this under Bush. And the "Kommy" (code for something in your lexicon) Aussies went into Afghanistan and Iraq early.

I've had the economics debate w/ Art Laffer - he's started to come around to some points.

OK, this is all OT so feel free to flame me via PM

Just thinking of something not so witty
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