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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post
IIR correctly, the 300ZTT received better press in its day. The legend of the Supra really started with the tuner monster power upgrades.

I remember when it came out all the US Mags did was rip on it's weight. Now, they would celebrate if the latest generation of Super Coupes only weighed 3450.
and yet the 300ZX is a heavier car than the MKIV Supra. its interesting how publicity and press (either good or bad) seldom reflects the facts...go figure

...and it really is amazing how the press' attitude toward weight has changed, and yet its totally understandable. i mean look at the evolution of the M3. the e30 M3 was the lightest and best handling M3, and now the e92 M3 is the heaviest and most likely the worst handling M3. now i'm not saying that M3's became slower from one generation to the next - i'm just saying that BMW didn't exactly raise the bar with respect to pure performance & handling capabilities as the M3 evolved - they just added weight and then power to make up for it with each progressive generation. listen, i'd be bitching too if my M3 weighed damn near 3700-lbs, ya know?