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M3 price

Originally Posted by Ronno111 View Post
Is it only me that things the pricing sucks for the M3?? Predictions for base pricing on the Coupe were $53,750. Anyway, with options on the coupe, gas guzzler and tax, you are still $65k+ out the door.
Whose predictions were those? Consensus on this forum seemed to be in the $56-58k range. Many mags were predicting $60-65k. I just looked up my 2001 E46 M3 (5/01 build) --it based at $45,400, so with the new coupe at $56,500, that's a 25% increase in 7 years or 3.5% per year. Considering how the dollar is sucking wind against the euro, I'd say that's not bad at all.

As far as leasing goes, unless you've got some tax angle it's seldom the financially smart thing to do.

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