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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
Holy crap, is that retard drug addict where you get your news from???
I listen to Rush for entertainment (in case you didn't catch it, I have been criticising Rush). I listen to Sean Hannity. Sometimes I will listen to Michael Savage (until I can't stand it, he is a lunatic). I listen to NPR (usually too boring to listen to for any length of time). I listen to/watch a lot of things. You need to wade through all the biased junk to get some gems. Do you listen to any talk shows? All the right-wing talkers seem to like Romney (seemingly because they think he will protect their pile of money better than any other).

Regarding Rush and the way he deals with Romey, he will not criticize anything about Romney or Thompson, but he will eviscerate the others. He fires accusations at these others even where the attack is much more applicable to Romney. He is utterly biased in favor or Romney. He has abandoned Christian conservatives. I bet that some day he will try to act like nothing happened. I will not forget. I am an elephant (GOP).