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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
This is taken from his campaign website. I would locate a youtube link for you to hear him speak about it, but youtube is blocked for me at work.
GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "What became clear during the cloning debate is how the harsh logic of an absolute right to abortion had cheapened the value of human life to the point that rational people saw a human embryo as nothing more than mere research material to be used, and then destroyed."
"My experience as Governor taught me firsthand that the threat to our culture is real and those in a position to do so must take action to defend it." (Governor Mitt Romney, Remarks At The National Right To Life Convention Forum, 7/15/07)
This is just five years after that video was recorded where there was no doubt whatsoever he was entirely committed to a pro-choice stand that would not move.

Governor Romney has no moral compass. He will say whatever it takes to get elected. This is not unusual in politics. But there are some who are not so.
Perhaps God finally came down to him in a vision and told him to stop supporting those that kill his babies. All these Politicians are crazy. Far Right and Far Left. They should be on American Idol.