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lol i never supported any of his previous or recent purchases. what he does with his money, is his own thing. he is a big boy and the one making those payments. one may consider him quite possibly a late bloomer to the european market. either way, the verdict on my behalf was, is and always will be american garbage.

furthermore, i find it sad that you base your future car purchases on what other people say. i guess you also read movie reviews prior to watching a movie. sure why not, i will let someone else decide whether or not the sense of humor in a comedy hit movie is suitable for me and save $10. let me know when you want me to hold your hand next time you cross the street.

i just feel so bad having to go to my neighbors tomorrow morning and telling him his Porsche was a bed decision and that he should have gone with a Cadillac. (LMAO) get real, will ya ?

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Still imagine the number of farts cloth seats absorb over 4 years???