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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Good post Swamp. 0-100mph under 10sec!

Did you see my post on total reductions? Why is it lower for M-DCT in 1st gear?
And if you believe the outlier time R&T got of 9.4 to 100 for the 6MT then we could see a sub 9.0 second run to 100 with M-DCT. That is freaking fast.

Not entirely sure about the gearing. Sims indicate better performance across the board with a larger 1st gear ratio. I also predicted they could both better the acceleration and simultaneously better the top speed. The gains in 0-X speed times at lower speeds are mostly from shift time reductions. Since the 6MT car is already likely highly traction limited in 1st they do achieve a higher top speed in 1st gear 44 vs. 42 and perhaps let the DCT clutching manage the traction more efficiently. Also, by having the DCT car fully accelerating while the MT car shifts you really gain some ground. If the DCT car had a larger total gear ratio product it would have to shift before the MT car and would be in 2nd gear, earlier, accelerating less compared to the MT still in 1st. The launch control things at work would be difficult to impossible to simulate with CarTest as well. It may also have to do with the total gear ratio way out in 7th being slightly more oriented toward efficiency rather than performance.