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Originally Posted by Rimola View Post
LOL yes by consumers who just happen to live in ths UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and the fact that owning an american brand vehicle lowers your insurance rates is also a complete myth (right ??). i dont know the specific numbers, but i am sure that Cadillac does not have a problems selling their cars on home turf. which might explain your increased consumer reports favoring the less expensive Cadillac by the Cadillac owner who is an american and got a lower insurance quote ?!?

and i certainly dont need to show you any third party research to prove my point. there is only one party, and that would be MY personal experience with both car brands. you try to convince someone to buy a caddy after they owned 4 that went to the shitter ...

whatever floats your boat certainly dont have to try and convince me

What in the hell does any of that have to do with people reporting problems with their car???