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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Excellent, wow what a read. I'm so excited.

I prediced 40-50 lb and .28 seconds gains respectively. Again as much as 0-60 is bragging rights, and not really as important as 0-100, this means we will likely see a sub 4.0s 0-60 run and it likely means they nailed LC pretty well. But it does leave the big question will the US get the same LC as EU? I sure hope so.

Other comments - details I found particularly interesting:
  • Supports engine rpm of up to 9000! (where will the CSL fall?)
  • Shift times: The upshifts take "a few milliseconds" . This is consitent with VW DSG CLAIMS of 8 ms, but not consitent with more reasonable estimates of what DSG actually obtains (30 ms)
  • It does have different ratios and a drastically different final drive
  • It is a dry sump unit with 9 liters of fluid, wow, cool
  • BMW used substantial knowledge of SMG to develop DCT, again as I predicted. It probably amounts to a lot of software re-use
  • Progressive yellow to red shift lights and the ability to turn them off
  • Solid aluminum paddles - nice
  • Auto kick down to best gear for max accelration - fantastic for freeway cruising to "race" mode in an instant

My CarTest simulations are included below. I really thought they would use the same final drive but did not. My predictions of combined gear ratios were within 10% and acceleration numbers were almost dead on comparing the final sim based on known specs with my guesses on specs. Looks like the DCT will be a touch slower on absolute top speed. But faster all the way through 175. I have used the weight figures from the DCT press release. 1 is 6MT, 2 are my initial predictions (just updating the weight), 3 is sim with final specs.
Good post Swamp. 0-100mph under 10sec!

Did you see my post on total reductions? Why is it lower for M-DCT in 1st gear?