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  • The M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic is
    indeed the first power transmission of its kind the world over conceived
    and designed for engine speeds of up to 9,000 rpm.
  • Like in motorsport: dynamic torque peaks when shifting up,
    in-between gas when shifting down.
  • The M double-clutch transmission is the first transmission
    of its kind able to handle engine speeds of up to 9,000 rpm. And at
    the same time it is perfectly prepared for high engine torque and extra power
  • When it comes to driving dynamics, the seven-speed double-clutch
    transmission offers an advantage over seven-speed SMG already boasting an
    extremely fast gearshift by way of the change in gears now taking place
    without the slightest interruption of power and torque. In practice, this means
    even faster and more dynamic acceleration clearly measurable in seconds
    and metres.
  • Compared with a conventional automatic transmission, the M double-clutch
    transmission allows greater fuel economy and cleaner emissions on exactly
    the same engine with the same power. This is primarily attributable to the even
    more direct connection between the engine and the M double-clutch transmission
    as well as the general layout with seven gears. Quite simply, the
    advantage is that the larger number of gears allows even finer increments
    between the individual gear ratios.
  • The other end of the gearshift range is Drivelogic stage D1 enabling the driver
    to set off in second gear. In this case the clutch is particularly smooth and
    soft, helping the driver to set off without problems on, say, slippery surfaces
    in winter.
  • In the automated mode the driver is able to influence the gearshift for example
    by taking back the gas pedal slowly and determining himself when the
    transmission shifts up. Conversely, by kicking down the gas pedal he is able
    to quickly shift back to the best gear for optimum acceleration.
  • Manual mode with Launch Control for setting off like a racing car.