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Anyone know how long the wait is now?

Edit: Ordered at Dealer, aka Deposit and "most" specs picked out (9/1/2005)
Edit: Car went "On Order" (6/1/06)
Edit: Status 150 (started production) (9/12/06)
Edit: Status 152 (Paint Shop) (9/18/06)
Edit: Status 154 (Assembly) (9/19/06)
Edit: Status 155 (Assembly Finished / Quality Check) AND On its way to the port!9/20/06
Edit: Waiting at the Port of Exit for a ship 9/25/06
Edit: Vehicle is in Transit 9/28/06 on The Liberty.
Edit: estimated arrival to US Port 10/ 10/10.
Edit: Arrival at South Carolina 10/16
Edit: Arrival at VPC 10/17
Edit: On a Truck going to Chicago 10/18 8:00pm
Edit: Picked up 10/21 at Dealer in Chicago
Edit: Schedueled for Shipping down to Dallas 10/22
Edit: Actual Date being shipped to Dallas 10/27
Edit: Estimated arrival in Dallas 10/30
Edit: Arrived in Dallas 10/28

Edit: 335i engine blew 11-4-06 and but into Service and prolly gone for a long time

I'll prolly keep updating this as the whole process plays out.
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