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Originally Posted by RINALDS
First of all if you are going to pick on any team "buying" a world series championship it should be the Red Sox considering they are the team with the highest payroll to ever win a World Series.

Second of all, please take a long look at the last 5 World Series champions, save the Red Sox, and tell me how teams "buy" championships. No salary cap will ever work without a floor.

The fact that the Yankees and the Red Sox put money into the pockets of owners and not into poor teams is a perfect example of how fucked up the CBA is right now. They way it is currently structured helps no one.

I agree with the standardization point.
wrong. yankees have highest pay roll every year. followed by the red sox.

here's a break down of the last 5 years:

Boston Red Sox
Year Total Payroll
2005 $ 123,505,125
2004 $ 127,298,500
2003 $ 99,946,500
2002 $ 108,366,060
2001 $ 109,675,833

New York Yankees
Year Total Payroll
2005 $ 208,306,817
2004 $ 184,193,950
2003 $ 152,749,814
2002 $ 125,928,583
2001 $ 112,287,143


yankees have made it into the world series 2 times within the last 5 years. if you go back 10 years, they've made it into the world series 6 times.

when ball players are offered a chance to play for the yankees, most times they'll take it. why? better chance of winning the world series.