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Originally Posted by Rimola View Post
lol i think you are just mad because you drive a camaro ss...which i might add is another crap vehicle. but let me get my foot out of my mouth as you kindly stated and take a look at your FACTUAL list...

hhmm...ofcourse, they must be right. BUICK and CADILLAC just shitted on Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Saab and Subaru. well lets see, what or who is this James David Power ?!? what ?!?! he is an AMERICAN ?!?

He joined Ford Motor Company as a financial analyst and later worked for Marplan as a marketing research consultant for General Motors Corporationís Buick and GMC truck and coach divisions. GET OUT OF TOWN !!!

now why in the world would an AMAERICAN say good things about AMERICAN cars afterr working for GENERAL MOTORS, FORD, Buick

that list is almost as pathetic as Britney's career lol give me a i on punk'd or something ?!? ASHTON !!! where are YOU ???
not to drag this out, but you do realize that JD Power just compiles surveys filled out by owners, right? They don't test the cars themselves.

Or, perhaps you could show us third party research that ranks BMW quality higher than Caddilac for recently built cars.