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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
I'll give you the same response that I provided in the other thread where you posted the same links. I don't believe these videos specifically support your prior post but do support what I have been saying.

I fully agree with what Governor Huckabee said here. In fact, I had posted this on e90post a few weeks ago, and another person already posted it a second time. I replied to that as well. Governor Huckabee had a great response.

Raising hands to a question that cannot adequately be answered by yes or no is no good indication of where a person stands on an issue. The question itself was faulty. This video does nothing for your argument (if you are trying to offer an argument here).
One thing that is important here is that Huckabee simply says I have no clue how it happened so it must be the God that pooooffff made it and I believe that way! OK, so imagine there is a conflict somewhere and we have another religious lunatic in the office that does not know how to deal with diplomacy and reality and he, again pulls the "God told me to do so" deal and we have another disaster...

I would be more comfortable with the pres that says -- I don't know how it happened but I know we have some brainiacs working on it or so...

Maybe I am wishing for a perfect world???