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Originally Posted by Squawks
Yup, agreed, Bavarian

It's ridiculous that you can just buy your way into world series championships (e.g. the Yankies).

I'm also not a big fan of the variations of two different leagues (e.g. pinch hitters). Standardize things for once, damn. Same goes with golf. Standardize the clubs, make everybody use the same gear. Snowboarding, skiing, ice skates - even running shoes. That for sure will make *skill* and only *skill* the deciding factor among the best of the best.

The whole sports domain is corrupt in some kind of way. Nothing will ever be fair.
First of all if you are going to pick on any team "buying" a world series championship it should be the Red Sox considering they are the team with the highest payroll to ever win a World Series.

Second of all, please take a long look at the last 5 World Series champions, save the Red Sox, and tell me how teams "buy" championships. No salary cap will ever work without a floor.

The fact that the Yankees and the Red Sox put money into the pockets of owners and not into poor teams is a perfect example of how fucked up the CBA is right now. They way it is currently structured helps no one.

I agree with the standardization point.