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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
It is weak because there is nothing stellar about it in its class. This is not a comparison of 1/4 drag strips. All the cars in the class offer similar performance....M3, IS-F, C63 and even the RS4...

Beyond straightline performance, the M3 is miles ahead of its competitors in its class in handling and dynamics.

So again, why would ANY CAR Enthusiast buy an IS-F over an M3?

With that logic, that means the rest of the competitions engine is weak as well since they have all similar performance. Handling and dynamics is another story, has nothing to do with the engine, but hands down the M3 is superior in this category. Why would any car enthusiast buy any car, for the looks, performance and brand name. If we're going to compare apples to apples, between the ISF, C63, and e90 M3, all 4 doors, it's going to come down to asthetics. And why would'nt you buy an ISF over the M3? It's all a matter of opinion, some might consider the looks of the ISF over the e90 M3.